Aura 2 : The sacred Rings

 Aura 2 The sacred Rings

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From ancient times, a clan of Guardians has maintained a collection of holy rings that, when united with many hidden artefacts, grant infinite power and immortality to light licensee. When a rival clan, conducted by Durad, indicated their intention to obtain this entrusted power for evil, the Guardians send their students discover the precious artefacts and delivering them with the rings, to Grift, the old teacher. Umang Voyage leads to the door of an unknown world, even the powerful guardians. In this adventure game, carrying Umang to the gateway Manula Valley where h Hobbies that the world was once inhabited by the Guardians, thousands of years, until he was taken from them by Durad and clan. Umang arrival in Manula Valley is just one step further in a plot operated by Durad bring Umang and the rings one step towards wrong. He now needs defeat the mighty forces Durad to carry out his quest and turn the the sacred rings to his clan.

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Aura 2 : The sacred Rings
Aura 2 : The sacred Rings
Aura 2 : The sacred Rings

System Requirements :

CPU: P3/Athlon 1.2GHz
 VGA:64MB 3D Acclerated
 OS: 2000/XP/Vista
DX: DirectX 8.0

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