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- What is NVIDIA PhysX ™ technology?
NVIDIA PhysX is a strong physics engine allowing physics in real time within principal peak games on PC. PhysX program is largely endorsed by over 150 games and used by over 10,000 developers. PhysX is optimized for hardware accelerated by massively parallel processors. The GeForce GPU with PhysX offers an exponential rise in physically processing power took the physical game to the next level.

- What is physics for gaming and why is it to important?
Physics is the next big thing in games. It's everything way in which objects removal into your game, interaction and respond to environmentally around them. Toll physically in multiple games today, things do not appear to act on how you would or forward to real life. Currently, most of the share is confined to pre-scriptable or 'retain' entertainment prompted by in the game events such as a ball hits a wall. Even the most potent arms can let a little more than a spot on the slimmer of walls and each opponent you are get out, falls in the same pre-determined in fashion. Gamers find themselves with a game that sounds great, but it lacks the sense of realism needed to making the experience truly immersive.

To NVIDIA PhysX ™ technology, the world of gaming taking other matters literally to life: walls can be demolishedthe glass can be breaking, trees folding in the wind, and flow of water with body and strength. GeForce GPU with PhysX engage computing power required to enable true, advanced physics in the next generation of gaming titles making retain motion effects a behind us.

- Which NVIDIA GeForce GPUs support PhysX?
The minimum requirement to support GPU-accelerated PhysX is a GeForce 8-series or later GPU with a minimum of 32 cores and a minimum of 256MB dedicated graphics memory. However, each PhysX application has its own GPU and memory recommendations. In general, 512MB of graphics memory is recommended unless you have a GPU that is dedicated to PhysX.

- How does PhysX run with SLI and multi-GPU settings?
If two, three, or four GPUs working in SLI adapted, PhysX operates on GPU, while the graphical rendering works on any GPU. The NVIDIA drivers maximize available resources in every GPU PhysX to equilibrium computation and graphic rendition. Thus, users can look forward to frame rates considerably higher and improved global experience with the SLI.

New configuration is now possible with PhysX is two unpaired (heterogeneous) GPU. In this configuration, one GPU makes charts (usually the strongest GPU) and the second GPU is entirely dedicated to PhysX. By discharging PhysX to a dedicated GPU, users will have a sleeker gaming experience.

Finally, we can put both above mentioned configuration the whole in one PC! It would be a devoted PhysX GPU SLI. As in both cases, the disparate GPU, the graphics rendering is set in the GPU in SLI now connected while the unpaired GPU PhysX is devoted to computing.

- Why a great GPU for physics treatment?
The threaded PhysX was developed especially for hardware acceleration in massively parallel surroundings. The GPU is the natural place to determine physics calculations because, like graphics, the physical handling is entrained by thousands of parallel calculations. Today, NVIDIA, have as many as 480 cores, so they are well placed to take benefit of PhysX program. NVIDIA is committed to returning the playing experience fascinating, dynamic and alive. The combination of graphics and physics affects the way a virtual world looks and acts.

- What a game drivers support PhysX technology?
The Unreal Engine 3, Gamebryo, Vision, Instinct, Trinigy, Diesel, Unity 3D, Hero, BigWorld.

- That games editors have licensed PhysX for their worldwide studios?
EA, THQ, 2K Games, Sega and others.

- Can I use an NVIDIA GPU as a PhysX processor and a NVIDIA graphical for non-due?
No, there are several connections between the treatment techniques PhysX and graphs that requires close collaboration the two technologies. To provide a good experience for users, NVIDIA PhysX ™ technology has been completely checked and activated using only NVIDIA GPUs for graphics.

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